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Converting WordPerfect docuemnts to .pdf format

How can I create or convert a WordPerfect word processing document to the Adobe Acrobat format?

WordPerfect 10 and above, WordPerfect Office 2000 and later


The beauty of Adobe Acrobat is that it doesn't matter what fonts or screen resolution your reader has. What you see on your screen is exactly what your reader sees on their screen. WordPerfect allows you to create a document and then save it to the Adobe Acrobat format.

Create a new or open an existing document in WordPerfect and click on the File menu...Publish to PDF. In the Publish to PDF window that comes up, tell WordPerfect where you want to save it and what to call it. You can also experiment with some other options if you need to. Then click the OK button, and instant .pdf!

Last updated March 30, 2002