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I purchased my first Tivo in August 2002, and let's just say I don't know how I ever got along without it! After reading some of the TiVo hacker forums on the Internet, it wasn't long before I was voiding my warranty and upgrading my TiVo. Unfortunately, hacking info is widely scattered in and across several web forums and sometimes hard to understand especially if you are somewhat new to computers, so that is why I have created this hub of information. This information is only provided as a resource, and I can not be held responsible for what you choose to do with it.

Support Questions
Please do not e-mail me asking for help. 99.9% of the information you need can be gathered from a simple Google search or browsing the DealDatabase Forums. Admittedly, the DealDatabase Forums search engine is not the best. Try doing an Advanced Search and and select "Show Results as Posts" since some of the threads can be quite lengthy. Here is another tip: Go to Google and precede your search keywords with "" excluding the quotation marks. For example, if you want some more information about MFS Tools, type " mfs tools". This forces Google to search within the DealDatabase Forums and usually returns the most relevant and popular posts.

If you feel the need to post a question to the DealDatabase Forums, do so only in the Newbie Forum. Yes, most of the information is in the other forums, but many can attest that senior forum members are somewhat testy if not downright abusive. They don't like being asked questions that have been asked and answered many times over, and the answers can usually be found by taking a little time to search and read. Some senior members also reason that newbies will learn more if they have to discover things the hard way instead of blindly following a how-to. Obviously, I don't subscribe to that philosophy. At any rate, please do not antagonize the TiVo hacking gurus. Unless you are beta testing a hack and are confident you are the first person to find a bug or wish to contribute to developing TiVo hacks, there is no reason to post outside the Newbie Forum.

DealDatabase Forums Underground information on hacking your TiVo. This is what TiVo doesn't want you to know! Learn about extraction, viewing TiVo files on your PC, and burning them to DVD.
Hacking TiVo: 23 Tips to Turbocharge Your DVR Nice collection of hacks and links in plain English.
Hinsdale How-To TiVo Upgrade Excellent guide for backing up your TiVo and/or expanding its recording capacity. You'll need the MFS Tools 2.0 which you can obtain in the Downloads section.
LJ's Tivo Page Spruce up the TiVoWeb application with some downloads. It's as simple as uploading the files to your tivoweb/modules directory and restarting TiVoWeb.
TiVo Network Hack How-To Guide Thinking about installing a network card in your TiVo? Even if you don't know anything about Linux, Steve Jenkins breaks it all down step-by-step. This is mostly for Series 1 owners, but most applies to Series 2 boxes as well.
TiVo TiVo's official homepage. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out about new features and get the most from your TiVo.
TiVo Community Forum A moderated forum for fans of the TiVo. This is the place to go for information about hidden features and support for hardware hacks.


Size: 448kb

Necessary for doing any video editing or DVD authoring with TyTool. Simply unzip the .dll file to the TyTool folder on your Windows machine.

Allows you to extract and reinsert programs from/to your TiVo using FTP. The default port number is 3105. You will need to download 3 separate archives and extract the files to the same directory, thereby copying over outdated versions. The original author's license restricts someone from redistributing one working archive.

For the dates and times to be accurate, you will need tzoffset.txt. You will need to change the number depending on the time zone you are in. The value is the number of seconds between your time zone and GMT time. For Eastern, the offset is 18000 (5 hours difference x 60 x 60). Central is 21600. Mountain is 25200. Pacific is 28800.

If you have a DirecTiVo with TiVo software version 6.2, here is a working mfs_ftp.tcl.

MFS Tools

A CD boot disk image that allows access to TiVo drives that have been installed in a regular computer. Allows you to backup the TiVo software and configurations and restore them to another (bigger) drive.

TiVoWeb Plus

Access your TiVo's features from your computer's web browser. Allows you to do complicated searches for upcoming programs and record them.

This is a much improved version of the original TiVoWeb project with added support for Series 2 and DirecTiVo DVRs.

Extracts and converts TiVo video files to .mpg files. Works with any operating system with the Java Runtime Environment installed.
A simple command line utility that converts .ty or .tmf files to .mpg files. You will need to extract the .ty files from the TiVo first such as with MFS_FTP.

Version: 10r4
Size: 858kb

Extracts video files from the TiVo to your Windows computer, converts them to standard MPEG-2 files, features basic "cuts-only" video editing, and can create DVD's. It is developed by jdiner, a regular contributor and moderator on the DealDatabase Extraction Forum. Here is the latest TyTool DealDatabase thread. If you plan on doing any video editing or DVD authoring, you will need to download the cygwin1.dll file as well. Just unzip it to the TyTool directory on your Windows machine.

Note: TyTool hasn't been updated in over a year. Converted .mpg files are non-standard and may not be playable in some media players. DVD's authored by TyTool may not play well in a standard DVD player. It is still quite functional for standard definition video, and you will be hard pressed to find a similar MPEG-2 editor for free.


This a open source/freeware media player capable of playing MPEG2 files.
VideoRedo Plus
Shareware: $49.99
Basic MPEG video editor that does not degrade the quality. Edits .tivo, .tp, .ts, etc. files. Fixes problems with MPEG files that will not open in other applications.

Tips & Tricks
Extracting and archiving video from your TiVo
Hacking a Series 2 TiVo
Local Channels Lost on DirecTiVo
TyTool How-to: Downloading programs stored on TiVo to an MPEG-2 (.mpg) file (TiVo Extraction)

TyTool How-to: Downloading programs stored on TiVo and burning them on to DVD (TiVo Extraction)
USB Backported Network Drivers

Last Updated September 23, 2008