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About TechStorm.Net

Way back when I was working in a call center doing technical support for Netscape, I found myself often reciting overly long URL's over the phone to a newbie who inevitably would type it wrong. So I created a web site with an easy to remember and relatively short web address to give out. It started out as a page that simply pointed to those long URL's. Since then, I've added downloads, links, tips and tricks for more software that I think are worthy of recommending.

Yes, the site has changed names and URL's. It started out at Then, I registered and moved everything there. A company offered me a rather large sum of money for the domain which I couldn't refuse. I registered with good intentions to do something else spectacular with it, so I relegated this site to a sub-domain: With domain name registration becoming so cheap, I purchased the domain, and set up shop. Hopefully, it will stay here least until someone offers me a good deal of money for the domain name.

Most of the information here is gathered from first-hand experience or through the tech-related e-mails I receive. I recommend signing up for the numerous newsletters offered by PC World if you want to stay on top of the tech storm.

Contacting the Webmaster

I welcome any links and tips and you'd like to submit. If you find one of my numerous typos, I would like to know about that too. However, please do not e-mail me for free help with your computer or TiVo. I am a busy guy with barely enough time to keep the content on this site up to date. Technical questions from my family, friends, and co-workers keep me occupied as it is. Check out the Hyperlinks section for links to sites with the information or support you need. More often than not, you can find your answer by doing a simple Google search. There are many forums around the Internet where you can ask questions and receive more personal attention, but probably the best is at

If you need help with hacking your TiVo...I learned everything I know by browsing the DealDatabase Forums. There is a very good search function on the site, and chances are very high that your questions have been asked and answered many, many times over. If all else fails, create a new topic in the newbie forum, and someone will answer your query or point you in the right direction within a few hours. With that being said, e-mails to me asking for support may be ignored. Thanks for understanding.

Christopher Anderson