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A forum where members can discuss and upload hard-to-find software drivers for legacy hardware. The registration process is relatively pointless...the username is drivers and the password is all.


  FCC ID Number Search Page
Every piece of electronics manufactured and/or marketed in the United States must be marked with a unique FCC ID number. This is so the FCC can isolate and identify compentents that interfere with critical frequencies in the radio spectrum. The ID also comes in handy when you can't find a manufacturer name or model number on a computer part (i.e., expansion cards).


Modem support site offering modem init strings, determining line noise level, forums, and chats.
  Modems, Modems, Modems
Links to modem makers, init strings, and tech notes for popular brands of analog modems.


HardwareCentral  Get the scoop on the latest in computers and other technology and how well it performs.
Hardware Extreme
Reviews of hardware on the bleeding edge. Hard to find older reviews.
Tom's Hardware Guide  Arguably the best site for computer hardware reviews and comparisons.