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C++ An essential resource for C/C++ programmers. Check the reference section for various functions and their header files. Ask questions and read solutions to everyday problems in the forum.
Programming in C A university professor offers an online textbook for learning how to program in C. Includes some UNIX specific lessons. Great for reference as well.


  Batch Cleanup
Scrub your hard drive clean with these .bat files. Everything for novices to administrators.
  DOS Batch Programming
Learn how to create DOS batch files. Very useful for automating some functions in Windows and creating login scripts for NT.

Freeware Downloads
Free command line utilities. Especially useful in batch files by server admins.


Resource for Perl programmers brought to you by one of the top tech book publishers, O'Reilly.


Web Page Development
Boogie Jack's Free Graphics & HTML Tutorials Learn how to design your own website with the tutorials, and then include some high quality graphics from this site.
Matt's Script Archive, Inc. A collection of frequently used CGI scripts to make your site interactive. Scripts are written in Perl and are easy to customize--even for the non-programmer.
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials Learn how to develop for the web according to the W3C standards. Has tutorials and examples of HTML, XML, ASP, JavaScript, and many others.

Last Updated January 27, 2006