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Compilations of popular programs available for downloading on the Internet.
A collection of programs with a small footprint on your computer's resources. Most of them are free.


Sites dedicated to the open source operating system.
JustLinux How to guides for those who are new to Linux. Covers just the basic Linux concepts. Part of the family of sites.
Linux Documentation Project Linux pros are finally making some easy-to-understand documentation for the open source operating system. They still have a lot of work to do...
Linux Planet - Tutorials Step-by-step tutorials to doing common tasks in Linux. Part of the family of sites.


Macromedia Flash
Animate your website with Flash technology. Create vector images and then make them move. The files are unbelievably small.
Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource Find loads of examples, tutorials, and support for creating Flash animations. Part of the family of websites.


Paint Shop Pro
Paint Shop Pro by Corel is often called the poor man's answer to Adobe Photoshop. If you need an advanced graphics editor without all the high-end features available in Photoshop, then PSP may be for you. It typically retails for less than US$100.
  Paint Shop Pro Tutorial
Admittedly, this is my handy work. After my mom and her friend purchased digital cameras and scanners, they needed help editing the images (and I was tired of waiting for their e-mail attachments to download). This is a very basic tutorial specific to PSP 7.0 with lots of screen captures. I may eventually integrate it into the site.
Tutorials for Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop. Learn how to create very stylish and modern images for your website. Also has Macromedia Flash tutorials.
  Web Graphics on a Budget
Learn new tricks specific to each version of PSP from 5-7.


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Last Update February 16, 2003