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Disable phishing e-mail detection

Thunderbird or SeaMonkey thinks some of my legitimate e-mail might be a scam. How do I turn this feature off permanently?

Thunderbird and SeaMonkey 1.x and later.


This feature is supposed to warn you about potential phishing e-mails where hackers try to trick you into giving them your passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Unfortunately, this feature doesn't seem to have any intelligence built-in like there is with the Junk Mail (Bayesian filtering) feature. In other words, you can click on the Not a Scam button all day, but if you go back to the same e-mail or open similar e-mails from the same sender, it will still be flagged as a scam.

If you know how to detect e-mails phishing for your information all by yourself, you can turn off this phishing detection feature permanently. In Thunderbird, follow these steps:

1. Open Options or Preferences (this will be under the Tools menu on Windows, Thunderbird on Mac, or Edit on Linux).
2. Click on Privacy (padlock).
3. Click on the E-mail Scams tab.
4. Uncheck the “Check mail messages for email scams” option.
5. Click on close.

SeaMonkey doesn't have a similar option in its Preferences menu, but you can still turn it off. Follow these steps:


In the location bar of the browser window, type


and press the <Enter> key.


In the Filter: bar, type

3. Right-click on the mail.phishing.detection.enabled option and click Toggle, so the value is now false.


Last updated September 23, 2006