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Local Channels Lost on DirecTiVo

I've hacked my DirecTiVo, and now my local channels are no longer accessible. Help!



First of all, calm down. I was scared to death too when I first ran into this. What has happened is your DirecTiVo has forgotten that it is authorized to view your local stations somewhere during the hacking process. Be rest assured that DirecTV reauthorizes everyone's receiver approximately every 24 hours, so they will reappear if you wait long enough.

For the impatient (who isn't nowadays?), call 1-800-DirecTV from your home phone, and dial extension 722. This will reauthorize your receiver(s) associated with the phone number you are dialing from. This is completely automated, and there is no need to talk to a human. After a few moments, your TiVo will stop whatever it is doing, and report that it is reacquiring information from the satellite. Once it's done, your locals should be back.

Last updated March 30, 2006